Well some may disagree- They’re not ALL queens. Chances are if you’ve lived in NYC sometime during the past 10 years or simply passed through for a visit, you’ve had the experience of walking into a bar and being pleasantly surprised, though others would argue utterly horrified, at the site of 30 dancers in bad underwear mingling amongst the crowd. At first site, intrigue may have set in. Then they attempt to communicate with you, struggling to complete monosyllabic sentences while not so subtly beefing up over said bad underwear. Eventually you simply accept that God does indeed divide and perhaps freedom of speech should be restricted in some cases, like to those who think Condoleezza Rice is a new side offered at Chipotle. The final step in this perverted 12 Step Program is indeed surrender- you surrender both your morals and values, then 20 bucks for a lap dance. If this sounds like a bad Mormon Sci-Fi movie where Joseph Smith is played by Kirk Cameron, you’re only slightly off base- This is Adonis Lounge, NYC’s #1 Gay Strip Club currently operating in Manhattan, LA and our newest location in Phoenix. A night out at Adonis will not solve the age old problem of what the meaning of is, is; but you will leave with a much better understanding of what the value of 20 bucks is…AND that your choice to seek higher education in lieu of lower cut jock straps was the right one.

Adonis celebrates 9 years of classy trash this Saturday 10/20 @ Evolve (221 E. 58th St) from 10pm-3am in style with 25+ dancers, models, meatheads, twinks, and MORE. Pornstar Alex Mecum heads the epic lineup of all the hottest boys from both coasts as well as 2 highly coveted models, as well as brothers, Alfie & Mr. Biggs from the UK.