I recently sat with pop star Aaron Paul as he just finished performing at “Tribute to the Dragon,” an event honoring the legendary Bruce Lee in NYC. Known as the lead singer in the Simon Cowell-discovered boy band World’s Apart, Aaron Paul is a staple in the world of pop/dance music and an iconic performer in NYC nightlife. Always a lot of fun to speak with, Aaron Paul is a mover and shaker in the world of pop culture, and we discussed all the incredible events he has forthcoming for the end of the year and into 2018.

What does this honor of the birthday tribute to superstar icon Bruce Lee mean to you?
OMG, I’m still gagging over this one! Mr. Bruce Lee is a worldwide icon, and I’ve been asked to sing and perform a special tribute song at at his big birthday event at the historic NYC Federal Hall. It’s just crazy to me. They could have just asked anyone to do this, but they chose me. Bruce Lee’s legacy is so embedded in the fabric of popular culture. As a kid, me and my father and brothers watched his movies every Sunday for hours. We knew all the words, characters and Bruce Lee signature moves and vocal noises, LOL. And to fast forward, many years later I’m gonna be singing for him. WOW. I am so blessed. You’re gonna laugh, but I actually feel a little emotional that I’m gonna do this. It’s a real honor. They have asked me to perform a remake of the 1974 disco classic hit “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas. I’m gonna do a 2018 mix of it with Peter Tanico/E39 Productions. I can’t wait. So much fun!

There’s a lot going on for you. Tell us about your new release and collaboration with British singer Simon Bradshaw.
Yes, “Hand in My Pocket,” my duet with this very talented U.K. artist. One of the nicest guys you can ever meet and work with! And I have to tell you, I was scared shitless when they approached me and asked me to do this. And first I thought why me? I said yes, and then I kept delaying them [with] my vocals, cause I was afraid I would let him down. But once I started to record it I really got into it. It’s such a fantastic song, one that just instantly gets stuck in your mind. Simon gave full freedom to do whatever I wanted to on it. I sent him a shit load of vocal tracks, because I really soared with it. I know he must of thought I was bloody crazy, LOL. He is an amazing songwriter and musician. I’m gonna have three tracks of his that I have written too, plus the dance remix of “Hand in My Pocket,” which my fave producer Peter Tanico/E39 has done on my new album “DANCE” releasing in early 2018.

You also had lunch with a famous fashion designer. Tell us about it.
Yep, with the world-famous American Isaac Mizrahi, fashion designer and hit TV show “Project Runway” judge. I will remember this day for the rest of my life, for a couple of reasons: First, I was over an hour late showing up, so I missed the two courses of the lunch and made it just in time for a little piece of dessert. I was so embarrassed. I’m never late! And somehow the forces decided that this was the day I was gonna be late for a lunch with a major fashion designer. I was so frazzled and overwhelmed when I arrived, and I was trying to act like all was OK. LOL. Issac Mizrahi was so nice and gracious. He paid for the lunch, and [was] the most friendliest dude. Talking with him, you kinda forget he is this fashion icon. A real pleasure to meet and talk with. Once again, I’m gonna say it publicly: So sorry I was late, Isaac Mizrahi. Oh wow, that can be a title of a song. Shit…I’m gonna write it.

Congrats on your Glammy Awards double nomination. Were you surprised?
Surprised isn’t even the word. I was gobsmacked! Two nominations: Best Music Video and Best Male Performer! Well, it’s the first time the Glammys have looked in my direction. I’ve waited years for that, LOL. And to be recognized by my community for my work just really touches my heart. I’ve always considered myself a performer, and to be in the Best Male Performer category is a dream come true. I feel good with just that! If I actually win, I won’t know what to do with myself. So many great male NYC artists have been nominated too, and all totally deserve it. I can’t wait to attend the awards show in January 2018. I just got my outfit yesterday. It’s killer and very Glammys. Yay!

What’s next?
There is so much. And I also know that there is gonna be so much hard work ahead. But I’m ready and prepared. I think everything I’ve worked for in my whole life has prepared me for a fantastic for 2018. With all these big events I’m doing and the new album “DANCE,” new songs, new music videos and also my book “I DON’T CARE!” with Nathan James, my fashion projects, hosting—it’s gonna be crazy and one hell of a year! I am so excited. I feel blessed, and I’m ready to take on the world!

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